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Education & Training

Hip Arthroscopy is a highly specialized skill that only a trained surgeon can perform. Dr. Kelly works with very talented residents and fellows who have special interests in the treatment of hip pathologies. Residents & fellows in the Orthopaedic Service from Hospital for Special Surgery and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell are arranged to assist Dr. Kelly in the operating room, and during patient follow up visits.


  • Understand clinical assessment, indications, and outcomes for hip arthroscopy.
  • Establish familiarity with safe basic positioning principles during hip arthroscopy.
  • Identify pertinent intra and extra articular arthroscopic anatomy of the hip.
  • Identify potential complications after hip arthroscopy.
  • Establish basic post-operative management for patients after hip arthroscopy.

Training, Education, & Research Experience:

Dr. Kelly has a strong interest in techniques and outcomes research. Residents and fellows are invited to participate in the Hip Center Journal Club to discuss emerging techniques in hip arthroscopy, and to drive research ideas & foster publication. They are provided with appropriate educational resources including a hip center library - a selection of journals relevant to the areas of study, and access to a literature search service for clinical research purposes.

Arthroscopic Videos:

  • Dr. Bob Arnot "Rediscovers his Go" with bilateral hip resurfacings performed by Dr. Edwin Su
    Click video to view

  • Peritrochanteric Space Disorder (PTSD) - Gluteus Medius Repair
    Click video to view

  • Establishing the Peritrochanteric Space Portals
    Click video to view

  • Diagnostic Arthroscopy of the Peritrochanteric Space
    Click video to view


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