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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How and what do I need to do to make an appointment?
A. When calling, have your insurance card out, who referred you and your injury. You may also want to know what films (x-rays, MRI, CTScan) you can bring with you.

Q. Where are you located and where do I go for my consultation?
A. We are located at the Center for Hip Pain and Preservation 541 East 71st Street New York, NY 10021

Q. Where do I go for surgery?
A. The day before your scheduled procedure, the hospital will contact you and give you the information you need for the day of surgery.

Q. How much is an initial consultation?
A. The initial consultation fee varies between $300 and $400 based upon the complexity of the exam. This fee can change at anytime, so please contact the office for accurate consultation fees.

Q. What insurance plans do you take and/or how do I pay for my visit?
A. Many specialty doctors do not participate directly with insurance plans. Please see our section under Insurance Information for details.

Q. How long is the consultation visit?
A. Generally, the consult visit is between 45minutes and 90minutes including, x-ray and wait time. Dr. Kelly will spend as much time with you as he determines necessary to appropriately diagnose and treat you.
Clinical Questions

Q. What is arthroscopy?
A. Arthroscopy is a type of minimally invasive surgery that requires a tiny camera and instruments to repair damaged joints &/or tissue.

Q. How many surgeries has Dr. Kelly done?
A. Dr. Bryan Kelly has performed numerous procedures

Q. When can I begin driving?
A. Each procedure varies in terms of returning to operating an automobile.
These are some general guidelines and will be confirmed after your procedure.
Click here for patient info handouts for Post- Operative instructions.

Q. How long will I be on crutches?
A. Each procedure varies and Dr. Kelly will inform you after the procedure exactly how long to expect to be on crutches. Generally, you will be on crutches for 2-4 weeks.

Q. How long will I be in a sling?
Shoulder surgeries vary, but you should expect to be in a sling for

Q. What kind of pain medication is given? And how long will I need to take pain meds for?
A. Depending on your medical history the pain medication will be motified to best control you pain. Generally, we prescribe Vicodin or Percocet for immediate pain relief that you may be on for a few days or less. For longer term pain control, we may prescribe naprosyn, ultram or Each patient differs and their needs vary, but rest assured we
will do our best to help you control your pain and minimize the side effects.

Q. When should I schedule my follow up appointments after surgery?
A. The first post operative appointment is scheduled for 10-14 days after surgery to have your sutures removed. Additional post operative appointments will be at the discretion of Dr. Kelly but usually are 4 to 6 weeks from your last appointment.

Q. What are some non operative treatments?
A. Dr. Kelly may prescribe a conservative approach to your rehabilitation such as, physical therapy, active release therapy, injections, medication and or rest.



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