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Brandon Russo

I'm an ice hockey player and Dr. Kelly performed bilateral hip arthroscopy on me 2 years ago. Because of Dr. Kelly I am now able to perform at the highest level in my sport. Dr. Kelly has made it possible for me to power skate and compete with no pain or restrictions. This surgery by Dr. Kelly has made me a much better hockey player and I am now on a path to achieve my goals. He is a true champion in my book!

Brandon Russo


“No one had any idea how much pain I was in and no one could give me a diagnosis that was correct until I was introduced to Dr. Kelly. I was a very active person, who played softball for my high school varsity team. Once my injury occurred I could no longer play the sport that I loved and I couldn’t even do daily routine type of things. My senior year of high school was miserable and it was really all a blur. Dr. Kelly was able to perform surgery on my left hip on July 12, 2007. Dr. Kelly had to release my psoas muscle and I also had a torn labrum. A year later I am feeling wonderful. I started playing softball for recreation again and walking and running pain free!

Dr. Kelly truly changed my life!”

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